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Enclosures new

The latest enclosures from the Kradex brand, from various categories.

Enclosures two-part

Two-part enclosures - are available as standard in two colors: lightgray and black. The material from which they are manufactured is polystyrene and ABS. Moreover, some of them are in ventilated version. In this category It is also possible to purchase enclosures with mounting to the wall (each of which has handles or lug allowing mounting it on a flat surface). Some of these enclosures are also available in translucent color (red and blue) or transparent. Colored enclosures are available in the category: colored translucent enclosures.

Enclosures aluminiowe


Enclosures with side panels

Enclosures with side panels - standard material for this category is polystyrene and ABS. The colors in which they are available is a lightgray and black. Each enclosure has front and rear panel, with the possibility of exchanging for transparent colorless, red or green filters. Some of these enclosures are also available in ventilated version.

Enclosures modular for din rail

Modular enclosures for DIN rail - are enclosures adapted for mounting on DIN rails. They manufactured in lightgray color. The materials from which we manufacture them is polystyrene, ABS and ABS V0 (self-extinguishing). You can also purchase these enclosures with transparent filters in red instead of white top panel.

Enclosures for power supplies

Enclosures for power supplies - most of these enclosures has installed socket/plug. The standard material for this category is polystyrene; color: lightgray and black.

Enclosures for wall mounting

Obudowy te zawierają rozwiązania pozwalające na mocowanie do ścian i innych powierzchni.

Enclosures hermetically sealed

Hermetically sealed enclosures - are one of the fastest growing categories. You can choose from versions of enclosures with and without gaskets, with brass bushings and in different colors: lightgray, transparent and in a version with a transparent top and lightgray bottom. The material from which we manufacture the enclosures is polystyrene and ABS. They have IP65 protection rating and the IK07 and IK09 certificate. Enclosures of this series are ideal for the environments exposed to moisture.

Enclosures with lid

Enclosures with lid - plastic enclosures manufactured from polystyrene or ABS with removable lid in black and lightgray colors. The lid is excellent protection for electronics.

Enclosures special other

Category special other includes all of our products, which can not be classified in any other enclosure categories.

Enclosures for remote controls

Enclosures for remote controls - are used in both industrial and home use. They are made from polystyrene and ABS. The most common colors are black and lightgray. These enclosures are suited well as a remote controls for gates, rolling shutters, cars, etc.

Enclosures with battery basket

Enclosures with battery compartment - enclosures designed to place a 9V or AA batteries inside. These enclosures normally apear in colors: black and lightgray. They are manufactured from polystyrene or ABS.

Enclosures colored translucent

Colored translucent enclosures - belong to a larger group of two-part enclosures. They are available in colors: red, blue or colorless. The material from which they are manufactured is ABS. In this category It is also possible to purchase enclosures with mounting to the wall (each of which has handles or lug allowing mounting it on a flat surface). Enclosures from this category are also available in lightgray or black in the category: two-part enclosures.

Enclosures in the set for iot

Enclosures in sets with accessories for applications in IOT solutions, facilitating prototyping as well as actuator systems installation.

Enclosures personalized

On request enclosures: Personalized enclosures
You are welcome to order enclosures to meet your individual needs. You can choose from any color and material (eg. polystyrene, ABS, polypropylene (PP), PC-ABS, Noryl). Minimum order is 300-500 pieces. Price is determined individually with the customer.We invite you to look at the picture gallery.


Accessories - these are all of the accessories included in enclosures manufactured by us.