We realize that UNIVERSAL ENCLOSURES often require additional holes for ventilation, cable glands, or power. That's why we offer our clients a BEADING service to be able to deliver the product fully ready, which doesn't require any further modifications on the client side. We have HAAS CNC beading machines with the working space X550, Y350, Z500. High quality equipment ensures excellent quality, repeatability and speed of operation.

We make beadings based on the professional documentation, entrusted design, or on the basis of customer freehand drawing.

To prepare an offer for beading, we need the following information:

  1. Name of beaded enclosure.
  2. Number of pieces to cut.
  3. Number of surfaces for beading.
  4. Size and number of holes on each beaded surface.
We make beadings of our own enclosures and other manufacturers if they are supplied by the customer.
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