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Z92: Enclosures For power supplies

From 3.69 with tax

Product no: Z92
Category Enclosures For power supplies
TypeFull with lug (U)
VariantWithout gasket
Height32.0 mm
Width60.5 mm
Length85.0 mm
AccessoriesScrew 3/13: 2.0 pcs
Sleeve ϕ4: 1.0 pcs
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download filePDF(163.2 KB)Z92 pdf
download fileSTP(269.4 KB)Z92 stp
download fileDWG(2101.1 KB)Z92 dwg
download fileDWG(4080.5 KB)Z92 2000 dwg
download fileSVGZ(28.6 KB)Z92 Assembly svgz
download fileSVGZ(29.2 KB)Z92 Base svgz
download fileSVGZ(33.9 KB)Z92 Cover svgz
download fileSVGZ(28.8 KB)Z92 Bend Protector ϕ4 svgz
download fileZIP(3471.2 KB)Z92 Complete documentation zip
download filePDF(166.7 KB)Z92 U pdf
download fileSTP(328.2 KB)Z92 U stp
download fileDWG(2631.4 KB)Z92 U dwg
download fileDWG(4151.8 KB)Z92 U 2000 dwg
download fileSVGZ(29.1 KB)Z92 U Assembly svgz
download fileSVGZ(32.9 KB)Z92 U Base svgz
download fileSVGZ(33.8 KB)Z92 U Cover svgz
download fileSVGZ(28.8 KB)Z92 U Bend Protector ϕ4 svgz
download fileZIP(3954.5 KB)Z92 U Complete documentation zip
download filePDF(122.83 KB)Distributor of ABS material declaration of RoHS compliance pdf