Kradex Sp. z o.o.

ul. Minerska 4

04-506 Warszawa


PON - PT 9:00 - 16:00

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(+48 22) 613-08-88

Order processing, assistance in the finalisation of orders by the online shop, information on the orders being processed.

(+48 22) 613-08-88

Information about the terms of cooperation and current offer, proposals and pricing for individual enquiries, distributor service.

(+48 22) 613-08-88 int. 3

Information and enquiries regarding milling and other personalisation elements such as overprints.

(+48 22) 613-08-88 int. 2

Information and enquiries regarding the design and production of new customised enclosures as well as the modification of catalogue enclosures.

(+48 22) 613-08-88 int. 9

Accounting Service, invoicing.

(+48 22) 613-08-88

Support in case of problems related to the website.

Cooperation with distributors and other Customers in the field of corporate, advertising and promotional materials. Cooperation with the press, universities, competitions, etc. Accepting and considering proposals concerning promotion and advertising.

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