Kradex is a Polish manufacturer of plastic enclosures for such industries as electronic, electrotechnical and electrical.

The family-run company was established in Warsaw in 1985. Since then, the small business has changed into a major manufacturer with its own tool room, warehouse and production facility.

Currently, the number of customers in Poland and the world exceeds 2,500. With every year the number of injection moulders increases, hence the production capacity, and employment and machines in the production department of injection moulds are also increasing.

Our own technical resources and the design department not only allow for the continuous expansion of the offer of enclosures in the catalogue, but also the development of the product on special order. After familiarizing themselves with the customer requirements specification, specialists draw up a project, a 3D product model, and then an injection mould for production. The buyer also has the possibility of choosing the material and colour of the future product. Devices such as Mitsubishi MV2400s wire cutting machine, AVIA 30N FNX milling machine, Seron 1310 Expert milling plotter, CNC DMG Mori ecoMill 1100 V milling machines, two HAAS VF 1BHE and HAAS MiniMill machining centres, and two Accutex AM 32NZ and Accutex HD75 electro-erosion machines provide a high-quality performance.

Each enclosure, either catalogue or made to order, can have any one of the most popular utility openings. The milling service is a fixed part of the offer and is performed at an on-site plant. Additionally, printings on enclosures are made to order.

Plant production is in line with the ROHS EU Directive.

Production facilities currently include 15 injection moulders with a capacity of around 22,000 enclosures per day. Modern injection moulders, such as Arburg 320 Golden Edition, with an energy-saving package, or the SMIPACK semi-automatic enclosure welder can both handle even the largest of orders.

The wide range of catalogue products is normally made of ABS material for the professional line or PS material for the economic line. Enclosures are most common in black, light grey and white. The offer includes such types of enclosures as two-part, side panelled, modular for DIN rail and others with a battery compartment, lid and coloured translucent, as well as enclosures for power supplies, alarm panels or remote controls. A substantial part of these products has obtained IP52, IP53 or IP54 certifications, the hermetic enclosures have IP65 and IK09 certifications and the cast seal category has IP67.

In 2016, the quality of the Kradex company was confirmed when it was certified to ISO 9001 thanks to the introduction of all the necessary management systems.

On the plant premises, there are storage facilities with a total area of over 1500 m2, which ensure the maintenance of high stock levels. As a result, most orders for catalogue enclosures are processed within 24 hours and improved logistics, high service quality and fast shipping guarantee timely deliveries.

Its respected position within the market is thanks to the professionalism, commitment and work of the entire team throughout its existence, and the Kradex enclosures are available to many Polish and foreign distributors.

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